Upcycling diy – Bib with sleeves

upcycling diy bib with sleeves

During the introduction of solids it comes a time when babies want to eat with their own hands and/or use the spoon. I am experiencing that time now with my fifteen month old son. I have to say, it is quite a messy experience and things can get really dirty. If you already wash tons of baby clothes per day and you don´t want to spend more money on extra clothes, a bib with sleeves is the perfect upcycling diy to solve the problem.

Upcycling diy bib with sleeves
upcycling diy bib with sleeves

This upcycling diy is very easy to make. You just need an old towel and a sewing machine. I bought one bib with sleeves and used it as a model. For a baby of 12 to 24 months age you need a towel that has a minimum of 73cm length and 36 cm width.

Upcycling diy bib with sleeves pattern
This is how your sewing pattern going to look like.
upcycling diy bib with sleeves pattern
This is how the sleeve is going to look like.

After you cut the towel as it is shown above, you are ready to start sewing. First sew the sleeves, how it is marked below.

Secondly sew a seam at the end of the sleeves. You can use cotton fabric for this. I had a few leftovers from other sewing projects and they came quite handy for this. Never throw anything away. You never know when it might be useful 🙂 I also opted to use some elastic band to ensure that the end of the sleeves fit tight on the wrist. It offers an extra protection, specially when my son eats juicy fruit. Just make sure you don´t sew it to tight. It might be helpful to measure the wrist of your baby before you apply the elastic band.

diy sleeve with elastic band
Sleeve with elastic band

Afterwards apply a beautiful seam all around the bib and at the neck with long stripes.

I have made quite a few bibs with sleeves because they get dirty quickly. That is why I have different images from different bibs.

I hope you liked this upcycling diy – bib with sleeves tutorial. If you have any upcycling ideas, leave a comment below. I would be happy to try them.

Until the next sewing project…

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