Textile collage decoration

Textile collage decoration

Every time I go to my son´s room, I realize that the walls are still very white. A child’s room should be colorful like a fantasy book. So I came up with this idea of textile collage decoration. It is a creative and cheap decoration option. All you need is some canvas board, textiles and glue. If you´re not a good drawer, there are plenty of images on internet, especially on pinterest that you can print and use as a sample.

I bought two thin canvas boards for this project. You can also use the normal canvas that are a little thicker. However they cost more, that is why I bought these instead.

I searched for some images on pinterest to get some inspiration. I found very cute ideas with a nautical theme, so I decided to draw a whale and a boat. Afterwards I cut it and used it as sample for the fabric. With this textile collage I basically transformed my hoarded bits of fabric into something new. You can also transform it into something personal like your child´s name or initials. There is plenty of room to be creative on this kind of diy. If you don´t have any fabric leftovers, you can always grab some old clothes made of cotton that you don´t use anymore.

Textile collage

I initially used an all purpose liquid glue. However, I noticed that if you don´t spread the glue very flat on the fabric, it leaves marks behind. Therefore I used glue stick. This one is perfect to glue fabric on canvas. It doesn´t leave any trace and it glues properly.

It looks almost like a painting but made of textile. To stick it on the wall I used double strips. They are one of my favorite tools ever. Easy, simple, quick and silent (no need to drill).

For other wall decoration ideas click here. I hope you liked my textile collage decoration for a baby or kids room and share it on the social media. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back soon.

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