Storage box – colorful cross stitch

storage box

After moving to a different city and unpacking a lot of boxes I finally got time to stitch again. During the decoration of the new home I found a perfect idea for a new project. I was in need of a small storage box for sanitary towels, tampons and other small stuff for the toilet room. This round storage box was a gift from a friend with two espresso cups inside. I kept the box because sometimes it might become useful in a certain way. So, why not decorate it with some colorful cross stitch?!

storage box - colorful cross stitch

Initially I was planning to stitch the whole ribbon around the storage box but I only ended up stitching exactly what you see in the picture. I didn´t want to waste to much time on it because this should only be a quick project start. After a long break on the blog I now intend to post new projects on a regular basis. Also the purpose of is the creation of easy hand crafted stuff without getting bored doing the process.

Thank you for liking this and stay around.

Until the next project!

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