Stitched modern art – Abstract and Suprematism


It has been a while since my last post but I am back with a new niche: stitched abstract art. This is what I will be doing for next few months. I am really happy with the results. I have made some research to find out if stitched modern art was already something that people were doing and I did not see anything related. So I decided to go for it and because I am a fan of abstract art but cannot paint, I will rather stitch it 🙂

Wassily Kandinsky abstract art

My first cross stitched pattern was inpired by a Wassily Kandinsky abstract piece. I like his work because if has vivid colors and he uses a lot of geometric forms which is quite easy to transform into a cross stitch pattern. However abstract art that involves a lot of mixture of colors and doesn´t really has a defined form, it is very difficult to recreate in stitches. I am still a newbie when it comes to use the PC Stitch software. To transform a picture into a cross stitch pattern takes quite long. You always have to adjust colors and forms because the software cannot do it perfectly. It took me about two to three hours to get these 2 designs ready to stitch.

Cross stitched abstract art
Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky
On white
On white by Wassily Kandinsky

Kasimir Malewitsch Suprematism

The second piece, which is my favourite, was inspired by Kasimir Sewerinowitsch Malewitsch. He was a painter and main representative of the russian avant-garde and founder of suprematism. This is the first non-representational art movement. Non-objective art differs from abstract art in that its forms are not simplifications of visible objects. Malewitsch wants to banish everything sensual (color, plasticity and space) from the picture and thus dissolve any reference to the representational world.

His work is simple and easy to transform into a cross stitch pattern. This kind of modern art is fun to stitch because there are small elements and every day you can stitch something new.

I have started working on the next abstract art pieces with PC stitch. Stay tuned on Instagram, Facebook or pinterest for the next project. The next stitched modern art will be from a different artist: an Instagram abstract painter 🙂 I am looking forward to start stitching it soon.

I hope you liked it and leave a comment below or share it on social media.

Until the next project.

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