New trend – Modern cross stitch for your home decoration

mandala elephant modern cross stitch

Nowadays we can definitely say that cross stitch is no longer an old-fashioned craft. From geometrical forms to animals, flowers, landscapes, cities, sayings, etc there are modern cross stitch designs that make this handicraft attractive again.

There are many cross stitch designers out there with different types of modern cross stitch patterns that you can find on etsy shop. There I bought this mandala elephant modern cross stitch pattern of “awesome pattern studio”. It is very colourful, brings some extra “life” to the room and it matched perfectly with some decoration items that I already had in the house.

I´ve used an Aida 14 count fabric (5,5stitches per cm) and my finished cross-stitch was 19 x 19 cm. If you wish to make it smaller, then you should use a bigger Aida count fabric, however it will take you a little bit longer to finish and you will need a stitch frame to help you do the stitches. It took me about two to three weeks to finish this cross stitch pattern. It is pretty doable and not a big project 🙂 You will be able to finish it without getting bored during the process.

Small cross stitch patterns are the best projects when you don´t have enough time or if you get bored easily. Thus you don´t have to wait too long to see your finished work and enjoy it.

Another important aspect to bare in mind is the purpose of your cross stitch. Before you start stitching anything, make a plan. It is a pity to stitch something and then put it in a closet where nobody can see it. I always search for a theme and colours that fit with the room decoration.

Mandala elephant modern cross stitch

If you liked this idea on how to decorate your home with cross stitch, please share. Until the next project…

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