Minimalist cross stitch design

Minimalist cross stitch design

Have you ever heard that “less is more”? I could not agree more with it. Creating something clear and simple can be easy and beautiful as well. Minimalism began as a movement that ultimately influenced all types of art and design. And now also in cross stitch 🙂 I simply love the idea and decided to try a minimalist cross stitch design. The PDF pattern is available at the end of this post.

Minimalist cross stitch design in linen fabric

Materials used:

Linen gives a more refined look to your finished piece as Aida fabric, that is why I decided to use a creme linen fabric and some colorful threads for this project. Stitching in linen it´s quite comfortable because the fabric is so soft. I prefer to stitch it with a hoop because it is easier to see the weave but you can also do it without a hoop. This linen fabric has a 32 count.

To maintain the minimalist appearance I used a 30 x 40 cm white frame with a 21 x 30 cm white passepartout. The colors in the PDF file vary from the ones you see in the picture below. I´ve used similar colors from some threads that I had at home.

Do you also like minimalist design or do you prefer cross stitch with a lot of colors and variations? Have you seen my latest geometrical cross stitch pattern. Click on the link to get the FREE PDF pattern.

Enjoy your stitching! Until the next project.

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