Endless Rhythm


This abstract cross stitch pattern is inspired on the “endless rhythm” painting from Robert Delaunay. He with his wife Sonia Delaunay co-founded the Orphism art movement, noted for its use of strong colours and geometric shapes. The style was distinguished by faceted compositions, vibrant color and contemporary subject.

Endless Rhythm was named by Sonia Delaunay as a way to describe the cyclical looping effect of the circular forms that seem to mimic the flow of electric currents. By 1930 Delaunay had returned to abstraction, producing the large spinning disc compositions for which he is perhaps best known. Building on his earlier experiments, Delaunay achieved the illusion of movement through juxtaposition of colors with geometric form. Delaunay carefully selected his colors to present subtle gradients and then contrasts these with the thick black and pale blue background. The diagonal composition enhances the effect of dynamism.” Source

Delaunay is one of my favorite abstract artists. It will be difficult to decide which painting I will stitch next because I like almost every single one of them. The one with the Eiffel tower it is definitely on my list.

abstract cross stitch endless rhythm robert delaunay
The same cross stitch pattern but in the horizontal form.

Material used:

  • Zweigart Aida rustico 16 count natur colour
  • DMC threads

Some colours vary from the ones in the pdf pattern. You can get this pattern here.

Happy stitching!

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