Eiffel Tower I

cross stitched Eiffel tower

If you are into famous monuments and colorful designs then you will like this abstract cross stitch pattern. The colorful Eiffel Tower I cross stitch pattern is now available on my shop as a PDF pattern. This is suitable for beginners as for advanced cross stitchers.

cross stitched Eiffel tower

A little bit of history:

Robert Delaunay, an artist who lived in Paris between 1900 and 1940, is best known for his paintings the Eiffel Tower series. He painted the first series between 1909 and 1912 and a second series between 1920 and 1930. This cross stitch pattern is inspired on the painting from 1926. It is from the second series where Delaunay paints in a style known as Orphic Cubism, where color is used to envision form through planes and lines of contrasting colors. As Delaunay wrote in his journal, the Eiffel Tower was the “barometer of [his] art,” a symbol of Paris and its success as a modern haven.

Like other artists that relayed their urban experiences by painting cityscapes, Delaunay used the structure as a template upon which he conveyed his imagined visions and perceptions of Paris. Unlike the German Expressionists’ typically chaotic and dark paintings of urban scenes, Delaunay’s post-war Eiffel Tower series celebrates the enthusiastic feeling for progress that the modern metropolis would allow. By 1924 Paris was a center of innovation and recreating the Eiffel Tower as he imagined it allowed Delaunay to communicate his own optimism for modern life.

If you like Robert Delaunay´s work you can find also here another cross stitch pattern from his paintings.

Happy stitching!

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