DIY – Laundry bag

diy laundry bag

Hello everyone! The next diy project is finally here: a cross stitched laundry bag. Initially I had the idea of making a bag to store my kid´s toys. However my calculations went wrong and after I sewed it together I realised that the bag was bigger than I planed. So I decided to transform it into a laundry bag. This laundry bag of bast fibre with a geometrical background as cross stitch pattern took me (again) longer than I expected to finish but I am happy with the result.

Bast fibre is made of plants and has a rustical appearance. This particular bast fibre has approximately 310 g/m² weight, which is perfect for a laundry bag as it offers some stability and it is a robust fabric. It consists of 70 % cotton, 17 % viscose and 13 % linen. It is also perfect for beginners due to it coarsest Count (approx. 7 threads/cm). You can easily see the holes and don´t need to use an embroidery hoop. I personally like to stitch coarsest fabrics because it is easier and faster to stitch.

Cross stitch in bast fibre
Bast fibre

I strengthened the bottom of the bag with fusible lining 118g/m because I still had some left at home. However I would personally recommend you to use Decovil I instead because it offers a better support and it is more resistant. If you use Decovil I it is enough to strengthen the bottom of the stitched bag. In this case I also had to fortify the lining because the fusible lining wasn´t strong enough. This way your bag will not round on the bottom when full with clothes. Here is another idea on how you could use the fusible lining 118g/m.

I only stitched the front part of the bag because you usually place it in a corner or against a wall. Nobody will see the back of the laundry bag, so there is no need to spend extra time stitching. For this type of fabric you will need to use 3 strands of stranded cotton. In this case I used Anchor stranded cotton threads. I considered using perlgarn which is an indivisible and shiny cotton yarn. It is considerably thicker than standard cotton yarn and it is perfect for this kind of coarse fabric. Next time I will definitely give it a try.

diy laundry bag
carriage bolt

The folding structure was quite easy to do. You just need a few wooden laths, wood screws and carriage bolts. Carriage bolts have a round head and square neck that prevents the bolt from turning when the nut is tightened. These make the folding possible.

This laundry bag is 35 x 30 cm big. If you decide to make this diy laundry bag I would recommend doing it a bit longer because it gets quite full quickly.

I ended up putting it in my son´s room due to its size. If you like it please share. Until the next project!

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