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All moms know that a diaper clutch it´s an indispensable item when you´re out and about with your baby. Diapers, wet wipes and cream are the only essentials you need and they all fit into this diy diaper clutch. If you are not a mother but have a friend that soon will be, then this is a very nice diy gift. Because I´m a huge fan of cross stitch I also made one clutch with a cross stitch pattern. Here you can find the diaper clutch tutorial but without the cross stitch motive.

Here is what you need:

  • Two 50 cm x 26 cm cotton fabric
  • One 18 cm x 26cm cotton fabric
  • One 16 cm x 26 cm cotton fabric (4 cm x 26cm cotton fabric for the seam edge)
  • One 50 cm x 26 cm fusible interlining of 118g/m
  • Two 16cm x 26cm fusible interlining H250
  • One 16 cm zipper
  • 65 cm cord
  • One button

There is already a 0,5 cm seam allowance in the measurements. The clutch is 48 cm x 25 cm big.

Step 1

First of all measure and cut your pattern using normal paper. These two pieces is the only thing you will need to use to cut your fabric.

Step 2

Secondly cut the fabric that is described on the material list.

Step 3

Now you iron the fusible lining 118g/m to the fabric that is going to stay outside, in this case the white fabric with small triangles. The fusible lining will give some stability to the clutch. The 2 pieces fusible interlining H 250 you iron it to the 16 cm x 26 cm fabric.

In the first fabric there are already 2 cm alowance for the seam, that is why it is wider than the left one.

Step 4

Now you place the brown right side of the fabric on top of the right side of the other fabric (white with the small triangles) and sew one end together.

Step 5

Place right on right the fabric with the hole and secure it with some head pins. Now put your pattern with the hole on top of it. Mark the hole with a pen and then sew the marked position. Carefully cut the fabric in the middle closer to the edge of the seam, as shown in the picture below.

Step 6

Now turn the fabric to the other side and iron it like it is shown in the image below.

Step 7

It is time to sew the seam. Fold 1 cm of the fabric inside and iron it to keep it in place and make things easier. Then you fold it one more time and fix it with some head pins. Sew it in a straight line at the edge of the bend.

Step 8

Now put the other brown fabric on top of the fusible interlining and fix it with some pins, as it is shown below. The two fabrics that you previously sew together are now to be put left on left. Secure it with some wonder clips. Measure 12 cm from the sewed end on the top and bottom and mark it with a pen.

Step 9

Now mark your 0,5 cm seam allowance on the 16 cm x 26 cm fabric and place it on top of the marked position from the other fabric. Fix it with some head pins or wonder clips but ONLY to the brown fabric. Then sew it together.

Step 10

Now you can sew the zipper. Fold your 4cm x 26 cm fabric as shown in the picture below. Then apply it at the edge of the fabric and fix it with pins. Now you put the zipper below the seam and fix it again with head pins. Sew it together, as it shown below.

Step 11

Mark the position of the zipper on the brown fabric below and fix it with some pins. Then sew the second part of the zipper with the botton brown fabric together.

Step 12

You are almost done. Now it is time to sew all of it together. Place the fabric with the hole at the other end of the fabric between the white and brown fabric. Fix it all together with some wonder clips. Sew the fabric together and leave a small gap of 8 or 9 cm. Then pull the fabric to the outside.

Step 13

Sew the gap at the edge, as it is pictured below. Afterwards iron out the wrinkles on your fabric and your clutch is almost done 🙂

Step 14

Last but not least, tie the cord to a button and sew it on the front of the clutch. Done!

Thank you for reading and I hope you give it a try. If you liked this diy diaper clutch turorial please share. Until the next project!

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