Cross stitch pillowcase for babyroom

cross stitch pillowcase for babies

This sweet cross stitch pillowcase is an easy cross stitch project for a babyroom. Babyrooms are never too full of decoration items and pillows make rooms look very cozy. This particular pillow was a gift from me to my nephew. It took me around a month where I worked about two hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

However I was really in a rush at the time and I didn´t really think about how I was going to make the pillowcase. I just sewed the pillowcase with the Aida fabric per hand and used a standard pillow as filling. This was 5 years ago. Back then I didn´t have a sewing maschine. It looked okay but not as nice as I wanted. Typical last minute solutions that can either work just fine or be a complete disaster. In this case it worked just fine. This to say that the final purpose of your cross stitched pattern will affect the way you and others will see your work. Always make a plan before you start a project and make sure you have everything you need to finish it. This way you will achieve better results.

Cross stitch pillow for babies

After my last visit to my nephew´s room I realized that this cross stitch pillowcase needed some improvement. I used this yellow fabric that matches the cross stitch pattern and sewed it to the sides of the pillowcase. This time with a sewing machine. Then I applied a zipper on the back so I could remove the pillow and wash the pillowcase.

A small hint: you should always wash your cross stitch project by hand to avoid loosen up the threads.

cross stitch pillowcase

This is the final result. What do you think? Would you have done it differently? For other inspirational babyroom projects with cross stitch just click here.

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  1. Hello. I have been looking for a cross stitch pillowcase for a small pillow like you have pictured. I was wondering if you know where I could get one? I appreciate any and all help you can give me. Thanks Anne

    1. Hello Anne. It all depends on the size of your cross stitch pattern and Aida fabric. If you are looking to do a small pillow, just look for a small cross stitch pattern like 20 x 20 cm. In this case I made the pillowcase with some fabric I had at home. If you want to stitch a pillowcase that it is already done probably you can find some on etsy shop. Also there are some cross stitch designers that sell cross stitch pillowcase kits, if you don´t have the possibility to sew your own pillow.
      I hope I could help.

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