Cross stitch greeting card

Handcrafted cards are special and show that someone invested time on making something original. Handmade stuff tends to have an additional value. It is something that was made with care and enthusiasm. Not to mention that it can easily be used as a decoration item on a shelf 😉 This cross stitch greeting card is a small project for those who want to see results in short time. It has a small cross stitch pattern with a funny quote and it took me about 6 hours to finish. If 6 hours sounds to much, you can split these in 3 days. Enjoy the process. This is all what cross stitch is about. There is no need to rush…

cross stitch greeting card
The card has 120 x 169 mm

I didn´t find any small cross stitch patterns that would fit this particular postcard, therefore I designed my own. I´ve used an 18 count Aida fabric so that the design would fit in the postcard. However the 18 count fabric has very small squares and increases the difficulty of stitching. To make things a little easier I managed to fit the design into a 16 count Aida fabric.

cross stitch greeting card

I am creating a cross stitch kit with all the supplies you need to make one of these greeting cards. Before they become available online I will stitch them first. I want to make sure that are no errors in the pattern and that the colours match. Also you can see how it is going to look like when finished.

I will be designing other small cross stitch patterns and in one month this will be available to buy on my shop. Just follow me on social media to get an update of when this is coming out.

If you have any wishes or suggestions for the greeting cards designs, write it in the comments below. I will try to make a design that meets your criteria.

I am looking forward to bring this cross stitch greeting card to you soon.

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  1. Hi! The postcards are made by you or do you buy them? Thank you.

    1. Hi Anca. I bought the white postcards and then made the PDF cross stitch pattern to fit in their specific measurements. Regards, Bruna

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