How to create a cross stitch pattern!

If you are wondering how a cross stitch pattern is made, you can find out here in this post how the patterns at easy peasy stitches are developed. First of all, you need a cross stitch software. There are several on the market. The ones with better ratings are PCStitch and WinStitch. I decided to […]

Cross stitch pattern with backstitch

I used to avoid projects with backstitch. It was really not my thing and I did not have much experience doing it. However, when you use backstitch it simply changes the way your cross stitch project looks like. It becomes more like a drawing or painting. Abstract cross stitch with backstitch enhances the abstract forms […]

Eiffel Tower I

If you are into famous monuments and colorful designs then you will like this abstract cross stitch pattern. The colorful Eiffel Tower I cross stitch pattern is now available on my shop as a PDF pattern. This is suitable for beginners as for advanced cross stitchers. A little bit of history: Robert Delaunay, an artist […]

Endless Rhythm

This abstract cross stitch pattern is inspired on the “endless rhythm” painting from Robert Delaunay. He with his wife Sonia Delaunay co-founded the Orphism art movement, noted for its use of strong colours and geometric shapes. The style was distinguished by faceted compositions, vibrant color and contemporary subject. “Endless Rhythm was named by Sonia Delaunay […]

Minimalist cross stitch design

Have you ever heard that “less is more”? I could not agree more with it. Creating something clear and simple can be easy and beautiful as well. Minimalism began as a movement that ultimately influenced all types of art and design. And now also in cross stitch 🙂 I simply love the idea and decided […]

DIY – Laundry bag

Hello everyone! The next diy project is finally here: a cross stitched laundry bag. Initially I had the idea of making a bag to store my kid´s toys. However my calculations went wrong and after I sewed it together I realised that the bag was bigger than I planed. So I decided to transform it […]