How to create a cross stitch pattern!

If you are wondering how a cross stitch pattern is made, you can find out here in this post how the patterns at easy peasy stitches are developed. First of all, you need a cross stitch software. There are several on the market. The ones with better ratings are PCStitch and WinStitch. I decided to […]

Cross stitch pattern with backstitch

I used to avoid projects with backstitch. It was really not my thing and I did not have much experience doing it. However, when you use backstitch it simply changes the way your cross stitch project looks like. It becomes more like a drawing or painting. Abstract cross stitch with backstitch enhances the abstract forms […]

Minimalist cross stitch design

Have you ever heard that “less is more”? I could not agree more with it. Creating something clear and simple can be easy and beautiful as well. Minimalism began as a movement that ultimately influenced all types of art and design. And now also in cross stitch 🙂 I simply love the idea and decided […]