Welcome to my website! I´m Bruna…

If you are a fan of cross stitch and bored of the typical cross stitch designs that are already in the market for years, then this is the right place to be. I am a fan of abstract art and recently started stitching paintings from famous artists. I transform these into cross stitch patterns and when I have the time, usually in the evening, I stitch them just for fun. It also helps me to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

I have learned to cross stitch in school. I used to spent hours stitching and never got bored of it. It is for me a passion and my main hobby. After I graduated, I never found the time to stitch. I moved to two different countries because of work, got married and became a mom. A year ago I felt the need of going back to it specially as a stress relief method.

I have created this blog and online shop because I want to share my work with others and show that cross stitch is a beautiful handcraft and everybody can do it. Also I would like to create my own business and work from home on a regular basis.

I hope you stay around for plenty of cross stitch ideas and beautiful affordable cross stitch patterns.

Happy stitching!

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