Abstract art as cross stitch

On white

Aren´t you bored of the typical cross stitch designs? Have you ever thought how abstract art might look as cross stitch? I do not see much of a difference between modern and traditional cross stitch designs. I always see the same things: flowers, plants, animals, letters, sayings, etc. Modern cross stitch is very colorful but I don´t see it as “art”. I think it is time to try something new: abstract art.

Last week me and my family were on holiday in Murnau, situated at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, only 67 kilometres south of Munich. Murnau is famous for being the home of Expressionist painting. The spectacular landscape attracted world famous painters like Kandinsky, that actually lived there. I find his work very interesting and inspiring. The harmony of the colors and forms on his paintings are very beautiful. So I thought to transform it into cross stitch.

Kandinsky was one of the pioneers of abstract art. Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition independent from visual references of the world. The universal and timeless shapes found in geometry: the circle, square and triangle are the spatial elements. Like color, they are fundamental systems underlying visible reality. And those I would like to bring to cross stitch design.


If you have a cross stitch software that can transform images into patterns, it will be no problem to stitch one of Kandinsky paintings. I am using PC stitch. It is quite simple to use, however it doens´t have to many features as Win Stitch. If you intend to use it just for personal reasons it is more than enough.

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