About easy peasy stitches

Hello there! I´m Bruna. A cross stitch enthusiast that has been stitching since elementary school. At the time I stitched the typical cross stitch patterns that you see quite often in the market: Disney characters, flowers, animals, letters, etc. Then it came University, new job, new life in a new Country and I took a break from cross stitch.

When I started my maternity leave I felt the desire of start stitching again. However, I wanted to stitch something different. Something that I would proudly hang on my wall or expose on my commode and it looked vibrant, modern and stylish. If you are a fan of cross stitch and bored of the typical designs that are already in the market for years, then this is the right place to be.

Through the years I have gained interest in abstract art in so many forms: cubism, fauvism, suprematism, De Stijl, expressionism, etc. So I thought: why not stitching abstract art? It sounded good and it looks really cool. I couldn´t find anything about this theme that looked simple to stitch. So I decided to create my own abstract cross stitch patterns. I keep them simple and easy to stitch. You won´t find an exact copy of a painting in a pattern, only similarities. That is why they are unique.

I have created this blog and online shop because I want to share my work with cross stitch fans, beginners and advanced. I am on a mission to create a new trend in the cross stitch world, where abstract art and stitches come together.

Stay around for plenty of beautiful cross stitch patterns.

Happy stitching!